Braun stahl pipe tec – Compensators

Standardized and specialized designs are available, following some features:

  • for the installation into steel pipelines in stainless steel or carbon steel
  • installation in temperature-related length changes of pipes, for ground settlement zones
  • maintenance-free with self-greasing, self-sealing
  • with weld ends, or with flanged ends
  • design for axial compensation of + / – 500 mm
  • Designs available for pressure ratings up to PN 200 barg
  • Designs available for Diameters up to DN 56″ (1400 mm)
  • Designs available for temperatures from -50°C up to 200°C
  • sensors or dimensional control equipment available
  • Design and selection of materials for services: gas, potable water, sewage waters, salt water, oil, sour gas, kerosine, petrol, propane, butane, ethylene, and more
  • Steel materials acc. to EN, ASTM, API, ASME and other international standards with inspection certification acc. to EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2.
  • Inspection and tests of the compensators can be done following to Pressure Equipment directive PED 97/23, TRFL (german technical rules for transmission pipelines), EN1594, DIN 2470 Teil1, ASME Code, API, ASTM, NEN 3650-2:2012 (Eisen voor buisleidingsystemen), AD2000 (German pressure vessel code) and other international standards and as per requirements of the project.

Tests and Inspections available such as Hydrostatic pressure tests, Pneumatic tightness tests, RT, UT, DPT, all non-destructive and destructive tests of welds and steel materials, thermal and hydraulic cycles, and others on request.