Braunstahl – products may undergo the following tests and inspections:

Inspection and tests, Certification, Qualification and Approvals:
Pressure Equipment directive PED 97/23, TRFL (german technical rules for transmission pipelines), EN1594, DIN 2470 Teil1, ASME Code, API, ASTM, NACE, NEN 3650-2:2012 (Eisen voor buisleidingsystemen), AD2000 (German pressure vessel code), DNV-OS-F101 and other international standards and as per requirements of the project.

The tests are performed by qualified personnel, with calibrated and approved test equipments.

Approvals by TÜV and others: ISO9001, AD2000-HP0, TRD 201, EN12952-5, EN ISO 3834-2, NLF/ILO-OSH2001, ISO 14001, ASME VIII, ASME IX, etc.

The following tests and examinations can be performed, suitable for the special designs and requirements of the products:

  • Strength tests: Hydrostatic pressure tests up to 1000 barg
  • Tightness tests: Pneumatic tightness tests, Helium-Tightness tests
  • Electrical resistance tests up to 1000 Volts DC
  • Electrical high voltage strength tests up to 5000 Volts AC
  • Inspection and Examination of welds: RT, UT, DPT, MPI, all non-destructive and destructive tests of welds and steel materials, Hardness test, macro, tensile test, Charpy-ISO-V-tests, and more
  • Inspection of lining and painting: paint thickness measurements, adhesion tests of paints, holiday tests, and others
  • Material tests: Positive material identification test (PMI), all NDT and DT-tests
  • Mechanical tests of final product: bending and torsional moments under internal pressure, thermal and hydraulic cycles, and others on request.