Pipe equipment, accessories, services

We are calculating, designing, manufacturing and testing pressure vessels and pressurized pipe equipment with all accessories:

  • Desmantling Joints for adapting axial and lateral displaements, axial compensation
  • Connections of different diameters: Reducing flanges, Reducers, Flange adapters
  • Anchor Flanges
  • Fitting for angles, Turn around fittings
  • Sliding supports – slide bearings
  • electrically isolated supports, isolating material for cathodic protected pipelines
  • Half pipes-shells for the repair of pipelines by welding onto the defective pipeline
  • Connections for carbon steel to stainless steel
  • welded steel constructioins, supports, collection pans, slug catchers
  • Explosion proof spark gaps
  • Pig signallers
  • key interlock systems
  • stress sensor measurment equipments

and many others on request of the client. Further we offer service in calculation, planning, surveillance, engineering, documentation, quality assurance and welding supervision. Mechanical treatment on lathes and drilling, welding, cladding, welding qualifications supervision, grit blasting and painting.