braun stahl pipe tec – Quick-Opening-Closures Type BSV

Standardized and specialized designs are available, following some features:

  • for the installation into steel pipelines or pressure vessels in stainless steel or carbon steel
  • with weld ends, or with flanged end connection
  • Designs available for pressure ratings up to PN400 barg
  • Designs available for Diameters up to DN 56″ ( 1400 mm)
  • Designs available for additional external forces such as axial and transversal forces following the requirements of client, for alternation of loads and for earthquake requirements
  • Designs available for temperatures from -50°C up to 200°C
  • Design and selection of materials for all services : gas, potable water, sewage waters, salt water, oil, sour gas, kerosine, petrol, propane, butane, ethylene and more
  • Steel materials acc. to EN, ASTM, API, ASME and other international standards with inspection certification acc. to EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2.
  • Inspection and tests can be done following to Pressure Equipment directive PED 97/23, TRFL (german technical rules for transmission pipelines), EN1594, DIN 2470 Teil1, ASME Code, API, ASTM, NEN 3650-2:2012 (Eisen voor buisleidingsystemen), AD2000 (German pressure vessel code) and other international standards and as per requirements of the project.

Following additional equipments are available:

  • Sensor for electrical signal: door is open/closed
  • Key Interlock System KIS