Braun stahl pipe tec – Pressure Vessels
We are calculating, designing, manufacturing and testing pressure vessels and pressurized pipe skids, which are tested and inspected in our works, which can be installed by welding or flange connection.

Pig Traps, Headers, Slug catcher, Heat exchangers, Filters, Manlocks, Pressurized cabins, pressure vessels for the chemical industry, Transport and storage of Gases and fluids.

  • Designs available for all pressure ratings
  • Designs available for all Diameters – from ¼” up 196″ (6 mm to 5000 mm)
  • Designs available for additional external forces – as bending, torsion, axial and transversal forces following the requirements of client, for alternation of loads and for earthquake requirements
  • Designs available for all temperatures
  • Design and selection of materials for all services: gas, potable water, sewage waters, salt water, oil, sour gas, Kerosine, petrol, propane, butane, ethylene, oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia, sulfor, multi purpose service, and more

External coating and internal lining with PU, Epoxy resin based paint , Rubber, Enemal, PTFE and others as per requirements

  • Steel materials acc. to EN, ASTM, API, ASME and other international standards with inspection certification acc. to EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2.
  • Inspection and tests acc. to Pressure Equipment directive PED 97/23, TRFL (german technical rules for transmission pipelines), EN1594, DIN 2470 Teil1, ASME Code, API, ASTM, NEN 3650-2:2012 (Eisen voor buisleidingsystemen), AD2000 (German pressure vessel code) and other international standards and as per requirements of the the project.

Tests and Inspections: Hydrostatic pressure tests, Pneumatic tightness tests, Helium-Tightness tests, RT, UT, DPT, all non-destructive and desctructive tests of welds and steel materials, paint thickness measurements, adhesion tests of paints, holiday tests, Positive material identification test (PMI), mechanical tests with bending and torsional moments, thermal and hydraulic cycles, and others on request.